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Surface Book,如果你也剛好在猶豫要選

Surface Pro (2017) review: Better battery life makes all …

 · Compare that to the Surface Pro 4, which would normally conk out around four hours for me. Even with heavier loads, I struggled to get the Surface Pro to last less than five hours (the Pro 4 would

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From afar the Surface Pro 5 looks just like the Pro 4. It has the same footprint and the same 12.3-inch screen size, but this time around its tidied things up at many possible turns. Pocket-lint
Surface Pro 2017 Benchmarks (and Anomalies)
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Head-To-Head: Lenovo X1 Yoga Vs. Microsoft Surface …

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 The CRN Test Center takes a look at how the second-generation X1 Yoga compares with the popular Surface Pro 4. By Kyle Alspach February 25, 2017, 10:00 AM EST

Should Photographers and Videographers Buy The New …

I bought the surface pro 4 over a year ago for the purpose of shooting tethered and retouching on the go, and to tell you the truth, its somewhat of a challenge. If its being used for fun or

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While the Surface Pro has a higher resolution and pixel density (2,736 by 1,824 pixels total and 267 pixels per inch) than the Surface Go, the Surface Go’s PixelSense screen comes close.

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The Microsoft Surface Pro for Windows 8 ($550.00 at Amazon) (a.k.a., the first Microsoft Surface Pro) is our current Editors’ Choice for Windows 8 slate tablets, and it got an upgrade yesterday
微軟 Surface Pro 4 評測,二合一筆電的最佳代表
Surface Pro 4 的完整組合是 12.3 吋的平板電腦,可說是真正顛覆了現代筆電的概念。他們的 Surface Pro 4 在最新的調查中更成為了出貨量最高的產品之一。然而,雙手持機使用較合適。 即使在筆電模式下,以及 Surface 手寫筆 V4。 當 Surface Pro 4 與鍵盤分離時,Surface Pro 4 選哪 …

微軟的 Surface 裝置系列,Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) vs. Surface Pro 4

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Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) review: Design and appearance In terms of the device’s actual design, very little has changed compared to the Surface Pro 4. Microsoft has pretty much nailed the
Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) review
 · Set Microsoft’s Surface Pro (2017) next to its predecessor, the Surface Pro 4, and I defy you to tell the difference. With the same dimensions and weight, the two are virtually indistinguishable

微軟二合一電腦超級比一比,就是 12.3 吋的大尺寸平板電腦,加上 Surface Pro 4 實體鍵盤保護套,搬出了一臺驚艷全場的「終極筆電」Surface Book。相信不少朋友都會乘著農曆新年買臺新筆電來增升生產力,也可以利用 Surface 手寫筆 V4

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On other specs, the Surface Pro 5 is expected to sport as much as 16 GB random access memory and up to 1 TB internal memory, which are currently being offered in the Surface Pro 4. In the design department, many are hoping that the Surface Pro 5 will arrive lighter and thinner for a more efficient and improved portability aspect.
Surface Pro vs. Surface Laptop: What Should You Buy?
Surface Pro Surface Laptop CPU 7th-Gen Kaby Lake Intel Core m3, Core i5, Core i7 7th-Gen Kaby Lake Intel Core i5 or i7 Starting Price $799 ($1,058.98 with keyboard and pen) $999 Battery Life 7:30
Surface Pro 4 vs. iPad Pro: Which Tablet Wins?
Apple’s iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 are two of the most powerful tablets yet, but they’re not designed for the same type of shopper. Aimed at creative types and those who like to play