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 · Product backlog -> Prioritized list of work of the entire product. E.g., feature 1, f2, f3, f4 Release backlog -> Subset of the product backlog that you are targetting for that release. E.g., f1,f2 Sprint backlog -> subset of Release backlog through a set of detailed tasks.
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Agile Release Planning: Let’s Break It Down!
Release Planning with Product Backlog To have a better understanding of release planning, you can visualize the release plans with the help of product backlog. We already know the items in the product backlog are ranked or ordered, based on their priority.
What is a product backlog?
Product backlog vs. sprint backlog The product backlog is a compiled list of all items that must be delivered to complete the whole project or product. The sprint backlog, on the other hand, is a subset of the main product backlog. Items in the sprint backlog are
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The Product Backlog is a prioritized set of requests for desired product functionality and contains all necessary items to complete the product release. The Product Backlog breaks down requests into a series of tasks for the development team, and is an essential component to …
What is a Product Backlog?
Product backlog items act as placeholders for future conversation about an option for achieving your desired outcome. That means a team doesn’t have to have an idea fully fleshed out before adding it to the product backlog. When a product backlog item is to
The Product Roadmap and the Product Backlog
Product Roadmap vs. Product Backlog The product roadmap is a strategic product-planning tool that shows how the product is likely to grow across several major releases.This creates a continuity of

Product Roadmap vs. Release Plan: Key Differences

Product roadmaps vs. release plans are both important tools for a product manager, but they have very different purposes and should not be confused. A product roadmap communicates the high-level overview of a product’s strategy, while a release plan is a tactical document designed to capture and track the features planned for an upcoming release.

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The Product Backlog Unfortunately, the product strategy is often too coarse-grained and partial to be used as a direct input for writing software. It can therefore be helpful to take an intermediate step, and to identify the work that is required to validate the strategy.
Scrum Backlog: Example and Template
Comparing product backlog vs. spring backlog, the differences between product backlog and sprint backlog are notable. A product backlog is a list of all known user stories and features for a project; it is prioritized according to the business value while a sprint backlog is a time-boxed development cycle which is normally between 2-4 weeks.
5 Factors in Prioritizing Product Backlogs
 · Sizing of Product Backlog Items: Relative size estimation of items Ordering: Deciding in what order to address each item In this article, I focus on Product Backlog ordering. Prioritization vs. Ordering As of 2011, the official Scrum Guide began defining the
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1) Release items are the cost / overhead of any release and as such don’t need to be managed in the product backlog as each item would just be repeatedly duplicated from release to release 2) Prioritizing release items vs. features does not make sense since each release item is mandatory and is typically done at or near the end of each release
Backlog vs ProductPlan
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