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Installing and configuring a Microsoft Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) Responder - Adrian Costea's blog
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OCSP (RFC 2560) server and client / 2. CMP (RFC 2510, RFC 2511) generator and parser Downloads: 2 This Week Last Update: 2014-03-21 See Project 8 Certificate Helper Certificate-helper is a utility desktop application written in Java designed and created
OCSP stapling
While many web servers advertise support for OCSP stapling, implementations are not always reliable. For example, when Apache queries the OCSP server, in the event of a temporary failure, it will discard the cached good response from the previous request, and start serving bad response. [19]

Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) Validation

The Policy Server only performs OCSP checking and considers the certificate valid if the Policy Server finds the issue DN. A certificate is considered valid in the absence of an Issuer DN to satisfy cases where OCSP validation is not required. You can sign an
OCSP Stapling
OCSP stapling is a very fast and efficient way for browsers to obtain confirmation that the SSL certificate a web server presented to them has not been revoked by the CA that issued the certificate. Using OCSP stapling decreases the total time it takes for a browser to establish a secure connection with a web server.

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Theoretically, Microsoft OCSP Server can work with different revocation providers. When you use default revocation provider (CRL-based), then CLSID must be {4956d17f-88fd-4198-b287-1e6e65883b19}; ProviderProperties — contains revocation provider properties, like CRL URLs and cache update duration.
OCSP SSL Certificate Error Solved
 · But the newer process, known as OCSP stapling, relies on the web server to make the check and pass along the Certificate Authority’s cached response to the browser. Because this is a newer process and not yet an Internet standard, some servers may

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 · One blog post by cybersecurity student Jacopo Jannone notes that the data sent to Apple’s OCSP server contains information that could identify an app’s developer but not the app itself.
OpenCA Research Labs
The OpenCA OCSPD project is aimed to develop a robust and easy-to-install OCSP daemon. The server is developed as a stand-alone application and can be integrated into many different PKI solutions as it does not depend on specific database scheme. Furthermore

OCSP verification with OpenSSL « \1

 · Simple OCSP server If you run your own CA, you can use the administrative files used by the CA to keep track of the certificates it signed (especially the certificate index) to create a simple OCSP server that answers queries related to those certificates.

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 · Check for any OCSP service issues with the relevant Certification Authority. If the Certification Authority is experiencing degradation to their OCSP service, the only workaround is to delete the OCSP configuration in ProxySG. Depending on the number of sites

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How to Enable OCSP Stapling in Windows Server for a RapidSSL Certificate First things first. If you’re using a below 2008 Windows server, then you cannot enable OCSP stapling as pre-2008 servers don’t support it. If you’re using a Windows Server 2008 or
OpenSSL: Manually verify a certificate against an OCSP
 · This article shows you how to manually verfify a certificate against an OCSP server. OCSP stands for the Online Certificate Status Protocol and is one way to validate a certificate status. It is an alternative to the CRL, certificate revocation list. Compared to CRL’s:

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 · Hi, My apache down again and again from last 3 hours. while check apache log, I am getting this [Wed Jan 15 14:24:21.739530 2020] [ssl:error] [pid I go through this thread and adopt temporary solution To disable OCSP Stapling you can access WHM >> Service Configuration >> Apache Configuration >> Include Editor >> Pre VirtualHost Include >> All Versions and adding the following line:

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Managing server properties Microsoft designed OCSP server oriented to high-availability and scalability and added an Online Responder Array term, which is a pool of OCSP servers that automatically share and replicate revocation configurations within array.