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Elbow (Olecranon) Fracture
An olecranon (oh-LEK-rah-nun) fracture is a break in the bony “tip” of the elbow. This pointy segment of bone is part of the ulna, one of the three bones that come together to form the elbow joint. The olecranon is located under the skin of the elbow, without much protection from muscles or other soft tissues. It can break easily if you experience a direct blow to the elbow or fall on an
Elbow (Olecranon) Fracture Treatment
How is an olecranon fracture treated without surgery? While you are in the emergency room, your doctor will apply a splint (like a cast) to your elbow and give you a sling to help keep your elbow in position. Immediate treatment may also include: Applying ice to
Olecranon Fracture
Olecranon Fracture What Is An Olecranon Fracture? When you bend your elbow, you can easily feel its “tip,” a bony prominence that extends from one of the lower arm bones (the ulna). That tip is called the olecranon (oh-lek’-rah-nun). It is positioned directly under the skin of the elbow, without much protection from muscles or other soft tissues.
Fracture of olecranon – Mayo classification
Mayo classification divides fractures of olecranon according to stability, displacement, and comminution. Each of the three basic types is divided into two subtypes according to the presence of comminution. Type Description Type I undisplaced A) non-comminuted

Olecranon Fractures – Core EM

 · Definition: Fracture of proximal ulna at the level of articulation with humerus Mechanism Most commonly secondary to direct trauma to olecranon Fall on outstretched hand with flexed elbow Low-energy fractures are due to abrupt contraction of both the triceps and brachialis muscles
Olecranon fractures
Olecranon fractures may result from a fall onto an outstretched hand (FOOSH), direct trauma or, occasionally, a stress fracture from repetitive throwing motion in athletes. They can be classified according to the Mayo classification.
Olecranon Fracture
An Olecranon Fracture refers to a break of the proximal ulna which articulates with the distal humerus to form the major joint of the elbow. This is i Classification Mayo Classification Type I: Undisplaced Type II: Displaced A: Noncomminuted B: Comminuted Type
What is an Olecranon Fracture? (with pictures)
An olecranon fracture can result from a direct blow from a blunt object, a fall where most of the impact is absorbed by the elbow, or an awkward bending or twisting motion that dislocates the joint. Adult athletes who play contact sports are at the highest risk of acquiring olecranon fractures.

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VA-LCP Olecranon Plates 2.7/3.5. The fracture-specific low-profile …

 · PDF 檔案VA-LCP Olecranon Plates 2.7/3.5. The fracture-specific low-profile fixation system with variable angle locking technology. Surgical Technique This publication is not intended for distribution in the USA. Instruments and implants approved by the AO Foundation.

Fracture line distribution of olecranon fractures.

We hypothesized that fracture mapping techniques would reveal different fracture patterns for minimally displaced fractures, displaced fractures, and fracture-dislocations of the olecranon. METHODS: A consecutive series of 78 patients with olecranon fractures were evaluated using initial radiographs and computed tomography scans and characterized according to the Mayo classification.

Olecranon Fractures: Practice Essentials, Anatomy, Etiology

 · Olecranon fractures are a diverse group of injuries, ranging from simple nondisplaced fractures to complex fracture-dislocations of the elbow joint. [] The human’s unique prehensile skill largely depends on the integrity of the bones, ligaments, and muscles around the
Operative Treatment of Olecranon Fractures
Concomitant fracture in the injured extremity. When the olecranon fracture extends distal to the coronoid process. Previous injury or illness in the injured …
Fractures of the Olecranon and Proximal Ulna
Olecranon fracture fixed with a hook plate, a one-third tubular plate contoured to the bone and fixed with small fragment screws. This is amenable for simpler fractures patterns of the olecranon